What Iran is truly about

I’m just a proud Iranian who felt that there was a need for a blog on tumblr that depicted the true Iran and its incredible people.

I will be posting anything that will relate to Iran’s history, culture, media, people, and current events. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or pictures.

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Soosan Khanoom- Barobax

I wish I spoke Farsi so I could understand this song, because surely it is hilarious.

I’ve literally been obsessed with this song since I first heard it. It’s so freaking good and you just wanna shimmy all day long to it #persiangirlproblems

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Dariush- Chakavak

In (late) honor of Mother’s day, here is my mom’s favorite song and artist. 

I’m sure if you’re persian and haven’t lived under a rock all your life you’ve heard of Dariush; his voice is incredibly beautiful and soothing.

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Dooset Daram


Dooset Daram - Omid

I would post persian music. <3


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Arash ft. Helena
Broken Angel


Broken Angel- Arash ft. Helena

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Ashkin & Alishmas Ft Keyvan

Ashkin & Alishmas Ft Keyvan- Beresoonamet

Not everyone will like these more modern persian pop songs, but they’re just so fun to dance and sing to. Let me know if you like these kind of upbeat songs so I would post more of them.

Oh and I would recommend hearing the entire song before pausing it because it might change your opinion. I know that it took me a little to get used to this new genre of Iranian music, but now I loooove dancing to it. 

Some of the most famous traditional instrument used in Iranian music

This site is awesome! You can click on any instrument and it provides you with high quality sample sounds, history, and information. 


The use of traditional instruments has been decreasing due to the recent pop culture phenomenon for Iran and the underground indie and rap movements. As much as I love the persian pop songs and support them, I hope the use of these instruments doesn’t completely diminish. I had never been extremely fond of classic Iranian songs, but as I’m getting older, I’ve started to realize how much I appreciate it.

Just go out to your yard, drink some tea, and listen to the beautiful melodies of some daf, tar, or santur playing. You won’t regret it. 

Amazing voice and daf playing. 

Simin Ghanem- Gole Goldoone Man

Gole goldone man means flower in my vase, but what the poet is trying to imply is that you are lovely such as my rose in my vase or in my heart. Please come and save my love, before I break down.

This is one of my personal favorites; It brings back memories of my childhood. 

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